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Dear Talented Musician,


Picture this.....

Every single seat in the sprawling, open air theater you’re about to play in, is filled.


You can see hundreds of people excitedly chattering amongst themselves, eager for things to get started.


Then an expectant hush falls over the audience as the announcer strides to the center of the stage.


Decked in a black suit, he wastes no time in kicking off proceedings and booms into the microphone…


"Are you ready to rock and roll!?"


The delighted crowd roars back a thundering YES!


"Awesome. Let’s welcome our opening act tonight…"


And he goes on to mention…




Smiling broadly, you emerge from the wings of the stage and are greeted with a warm round of applause.


You step up to the mike, adjust the guitar strap on your shoulder and take a deep breath…

…before enthusiastically launching into your song - a combination of your best tunes that you composed especially for this occasion.  


Four minutes later, you’re done.


At first, there is a stunned silence.


You survey the sea of faces looking up at you, nervously awaiting their reaction.


Seconds later, someone in the crowd starts applauding. Then more join in…


…until the entire audience is up on their feet, clapping, whistling and cheering loudly...


Soon, they keep chanting over and over again…






You feel a sudden adrenaline rush and your face breaks into a wide grin…


…and…for the second time that night, you perform for the appreciative crowd.


Later, the organizer of the concert rushes to shake your hand.


"Dude, people are going nuts over your performance. Great entertainment! Are you free next weekend too? I’ve got plenty more sweet gigs coming your way."


Thrilled that your music career is finally taking off, you confirm the profitable deal and then quickly head over to a group of fans that are clamoring to meet you…


Now tell me, wouldn’t it be great if this were to happen for REAL?


Well, if you stick with me for a moment, I’ll show you exactly how you can make this a reality - in a relatively short period of time!


But before we go any further…who am I?And what qualifies me to teach you the secrets to becoming a famous musician?

Hi, my name is Garrett Goodwin. I’m a professional musician and I was awarded Modern Drummer’s 2013 "Up And Coming Drummer Of The Year."


I’ve also shared the stage with some of the biggest names in music including Fleetwood Mac, Stephen Tyler and Carrie Underwood. I played alongside the former and toured 5 years in a row with the latter.


Meeting these artists up close and personal and being a part of their gigs has been a fun and unforgettable experience for me!


But you know what was really awesome?  


I was able to pick their brains on all of the insider tips and shortcuts to breaking into the biz and making a name for yourself.


The stuff they shared with me was both eye-opening and mind-blowing.


More importantly, they worked!


I know because I tested them out myself with great results. Their sound advice, coupled with my own unique strategies, is what propelled me to where I am today.


And, rather than selfishly keep all this information to myself, I’ve decided to share it with the rest of the community.


My hope is that it helps you finally catch your major breakthrough in the exciting and happening world of music!


With that said, allow me to introduce you to…


Music Pro Book™


Music Pro Book™ is a comprehensive guide that pulls back the curtain and reveals how to break into the music industry and gain the success your skills deserve!

Let’s face it, while the music business can be very rewarding and gratifying, getting noticed can be pretty hard because of the intense competition.

There are thousands of other ambitious young musicians just like you that are looking to get their foot in the door and attract the attention of key decision makers.


Which brings us to the question…


How do you stand out from the rest of the crowd and make yourself heard?




You need to arm yourself with a "special edge."


...something that helps you zoom past your competitors and catapults you to the fame and recognition you deserve.


Let Music Pro Book™ be your competitive edge and your secret weapon.


Running more than 50 pages, it’s an instantly downloadable, step-by-step blueprint that’s packed with juicy hints, strategies and insider tips on how to crack the music industry and make your mark as a professional musician.

In fact…here’s Just a tiny sample of the kind of information you are about to discover:

  • How to set yourself up for long-term success (Important: If you want to keep most of the money you make, you’ll want to quickly turn to Page 17!)

  • We all chase after that first major contract. But how do you pull in the moolah until your big breakthrough comes along? Well, Page 12 outlines five solid methods that are guaranteed to make you money quickly and easily.

  • Where can you meet all the top shots in the industry? That's in the book too!

  • The single biggest secret to landing tons of high-paying gigs. (Hint: It’s so simple, you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of this one sooner!)

  • The key to standing out from the rest of the competition.

  • Revealed: A powerful social media marketing plan given to me by an expert consultant that is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by several popular global brands. This stuff works, so pay close attention to the section on "conquering the web".

  • 5 must-have tools to shoot a high-quality, home-grown personal video library.


And much MUCH more!

Alright, by now, you can’t wait to get your hands on this guide and are wondering…


How Much Does The Music Pro Book™ Cost?

Well, how much would you invest into something that shows you how to market yourself, gain a massive fan base, snag top-paying gigs and fast-track your success as a professional musician?




Because the material I share with you is easily worth this price. You won’t find any recycled fluff or filler here – only meaty, actionable tips and techniques that are proven to work.


But the good news is it’s not going to cost you anywhere near this amount.


You see, I want to make sure this guide is easily accessible to every person out there that’s passionate about their music and eager to take their career to the next level.


That’s why I’m giving you the opportunity to download The Music Pro Book™ to your computer for only




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Because I’m looking for more feedback on the book and want to get this into as many hands as I can, for a limited time only, you can grab a copy at the discounted rate of $47 – that’s a generous $30 OFF the original price.




Still think $47 is too much?


Well, look at it this way – it works out to just $1.56 a day over a month which is less than a cheap cup of coffee!  


And what better way to invest a tiny $1.56 a day than into a valuable resource that shows you how to finally realize your dream of becoming a highly paid, sought after musician?


I have to warn you though…


Once you decide to take advantage of this offer, there is hard work involved. Don't think that you can just sit back and give these pages a read and not do anything about it. Purchase the book, put the strategies into practice and work hard at becoming a pro. It can happen for you just like it happened for me.


So, you need to act now to give yourself an opportunity for success as a professional musician.

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If for some reason, you’re not completely thrilled with the results (highly unlikely), shoot me an email within 30 days of your purchase and I shall give you a full refund – promptly and politely.

The next steps you take will determine how quickly you achieve your dream of breaking into the music industry and making a name for yourself.

The bottom line is this:


If you’re looking to showcase your talents, stand out from the crowd, propel yourself into the limelight and make a great living as a pro musician, what you need is a no-BS system that lays bare the TRUTH to cracking the code and tasting success at the top level.


And as I hope you've learned by now, Music Pro Book™ is that system.


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  • The Music Pro Book™ – the ultimate guide on how to make a splash in the music business and go on to enjoy a flourishing and well-paid career. It will show you how to:

    • Get your big break in the insanely competitive music industry

    • Connect with the influential movers and shakers of the industry

    • Snag fun and lucrative gigs

    • Build a massive and loyal fan base

    • Pull in a hefty paycheck month after month by getting paid to show off your talents!



To put it in a nutshell, this is the ONLY downloadable resource you need that’s virtually guaranteed to accelerate your success and set you on the path to becoming an accomplished and sought after musician.


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